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Permanent Eyebrows in Nampa Idaho

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To know if you are a candidate to get microblading done, we look at a few factors: What skin type do you have? If the answer is oily, it is best to stick with a powder or ombre brow. Other factors include what medications are you on, how physically active is your lifestyle, are you in or expect to be in menopause in the near future, what is the condition of the skin on your face, and many others. If you would like to find out if you are a good candidate, feel free to set up a free consultation and we can sit down and discuss your options! (Note: We kindly do not accept clients under the age of 18. Thank you for understanding.)

Microblading is a technique of administering permanent cosmetics, using a hand tool called a “microblader”. This tool is a row of thin needles that deposits ink in a hair-like line to mimic the appearance of a naturally full brow. 

Powder and ombre are both administered by a tattoo gun, using light shading movements to create the appearance of a smooth saturation of color in the brow area. This technique mimics the appearance of having brow powder/makeup already on the brow area. 

The longevity of the procedure is dependent on a few key factors, such as the technique we choose, lifestyle impacts, medications and your overall skin type. On average, a procedure will need to be touched up between 1-4 years after the initial procedure.

We take precautions to ensure as much comfort as possible, from multiple layers of numbing, switching back and forth between brows for each set, and skin testing before the actual procedure begins to ensure comfort. This being said, every person’s body accepts numbing differently, so there is a chance of slight discomfort. 

Factors such as your bone structure, facial features, lifestyle, and health all play a key role in choosing which procedure and shape you are a candidate for. Once we decide on the procedure and shape of the brow, the color is determined using your natural skin tones as well as hair color and personal preference.

The frequency of your touch ups is a matter of personal preference. Some individuals enjoy having their brows looking flawless at all times, so they choose to come in annually for a permanent eyebrow touch up. Others choose to come in every few years, it is all up to your preference as well as how well your retention was. 

The healing process will take 3-4 weeks until fully finished.

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